27 Powerful Good Morning Prayers for Her

Women are a precious and beautiful blessing from God and they should be treated with great honor and respect. One of the best ways that we can praise the women in our lives is by asking God to watch over them and bless them each day. Therefore, consider offering one of the following prayers on behalf of the women in your life each morning.

Good Morning Prayers for Her
“Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives,
and treat them with respect as the weaker partner
and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life,
so that nothing will hinder your prayers.” 1 Peter 3:7

Short Good-Morning Prayers for Her

For Mom

“Gracious God, I want to thank you for my mother. She has always been so good to me, and I pray that You would in turn be good to her. She is always looking for ways to help me, so please help her today. Bless my mother and watch over her with your caring and protective hand. Amen.”

For My Wife

“Lord God, I cannot thank you enough for my precious wife. She is so beautiful and special to me. I would not be complete without her. Would you remind her today of how wonderful she is? Would you help me to be a good husband? Please give her a great day and fill her heart with joy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

For My Girlfriend

“Father God, as the sun rises this morning may you shine down upon my girlfriend with favor. May you fill her heart with Your warmth. Would you please bless her today and watch over her with your loving arm of guidance and protection? Thank-you for bringing us together. Please continue to bless our relationship and make our love for one another stronger. Amen.”

For My Daughter

“Gracious God, I know that my precious daughter was fearfully and wonderfully made by Your hand in her mother’s womb. May she know the wonder of her worth today. Do not leave her side. Protect her when and where I cannot. Fill her heart and mind with dreams of greatness and then help her to fulfill those dreams. Lord, thank you for my girl whom I love more than life itself. She is my little princess. Make her into a majestic queen! Amen. ”

For My Sister

“Dear Jesus, please bless my sister today. When you walked upon this earth as a man, the Bible says that you too had sisters. So, as you blessed them, would you now bless my sister. Would you protect her from anyone who would seek to do her harm? Walk before her and beside her today so that she will feel Your presence and know that You have blessed her life. In Your Holy Precious Name I ask these things, Amen.”

For a Female Friend/Co-Worker

“Lord God, I ask that you bless my friend today. I know that You have a great plan for her life, and I pray that all her dreams and aspirations may come true. Surround her with your love. Grant her success and happiness. May she know her worth as a woman and as my friend. Amen. ”

Powerful Good-Morning Prayer Messages for Her

Share one of these prayer messages with the special women in your life to encourage them as they begin their day.

“A beautiful woman is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning,
like the brightness after rain that brings grass from the earth. May the Lord God bless you today for being that brightness in my life!
“As the dew falls on the earth each morning, may God’s blessings fall upon your life today.”
“As the sun rises today, may the Lord shine down upon you as the love of my life with His warmth!”
“May the Lord bless you and keep you;
may the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
may the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”
“As the flowers open their blooms each morning to capture the sun’s rays, I am praying that God would allow your beauty to blossom in all of its radiance today!”
“I said a prayer for you today, that you would know how wonderful you are and how special you are to me. I asked God to give you a great day filled with blessings and happiness because that is what you have given to me!”

A Good Morning Prayer for My Wife

Praying this prayer for your wife each morning will bring you closer to each other.

“Lord God, as Your mercies and blessings are new every morning, I ask that you bestow Your favor and blessings upon my dear wife today. She is so precious to me, and I know she is precious to You. Meet her every need. Guard her heart. Protect her steps. Let her know that she is loved and appreciated. Help me to be a good husband who can provide for my family. Show me the right way to love and care for my wife. She means everything to me. Give me the right words to say so that she will know that she is loved and appreciated. Show me how to help her in the ways that she needs. I want to be a good and faithful husband, so guard my heart and mind. Make the bond of our marriage stronger each day. Thank you, Lord, for my wife. Amen.”
Good Morning Prayers for Her

A Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend

Pray this prayer of blessing over the girl you are dating.

“Lord God, you have blessed me with a wonderful girlfriend, and I am so thankful for our relationship. Would you please watch over my girlfriend today – keep her healthy and safe. Meet her every need. Reveal to her just how beautiful she is to me. Help me to treat her with respect. Help me to honor our relationship and to keep her pure. Bless her as she goes about her day. Please allow our love for one another to grow stronger each day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Sweetest Good-Morning Prayers for Her

You can meditate on these sweet and thoughtful prayers each morning on behalf of the special women in your life.

For Mom

“For the first woman who ever loved me and cared for me, may You show her the same love today as Your precious child.”

For My Wife

“As I open my eyes this morning, may I see the beauty and goodness in my wife that made me first fall in love with her, and may I fall in love with her all over again.”

For My Girlfriend

“May this new day bring a new dimension to our relationship as we grow closer to one another.”

For My Daughter

“Lord God, you gave me this precious girl as my daughter, and I now give her back to You so that you can love her and protect her as her Heavenly Father.”

For My Sister

“May I stick by my sister as a brother should as her defender and friend.”

For My Female Friend/Co-Worker

“Lord God, use me today to encourage my friend through my words and actions so that she may know the beauty and value she brings to my life and this world.”

A Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend for Protection

Pray this prayer of protection over your girlfriend each morning.

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait expectantly. Spread Your protection over my girlfriend today. Fill our lives together with joy. Let her take refuge in You, and let her heart be glad. Bless her and surround her with Your favor as with a shield. Amen” Adapted from Psalm 5

Good-Morning Prayers for My Wife Far Away

When you and your wife cannot be close together because one of you are far away consider praying one of these prayers.

When You Are Far Away for Work

“Lord God, I appeal to you today to watch over my wife while I am away for work. I need to provide for our family, but I also miss being with her each day. Please keep her safe. Fill our home with Your love. Surround her with Your holy angels for protection. Help her accomplish all the things that need to be done in my absence. Protect our hearts and minds so that we are not tempted to go astray. Bring us back together again soon. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

When You Are in the Military

“Father God, Your Word calls you a Mighty Warrior, A Shield, and a Defender. So, I am asking you to defend and protect my wife while I am trying to protect our country. Please keep my family from all harm. When I am on a mission and my wife and I are unable to talk, Lord be a voice of assurance to my wife and children. Give her courage and wisdom to make good decisions for our family in my absence. Let her sleep each night in peace though we are far away from one another. Surround my home like a fortress. Send the Host of Heavenly Armies to stand watch over my wife and kids. Please, also keep me safe so that I can soon be reunited with my family. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ”

When You Are Away on a Trip

“Lord God, I pray for my wife while I am traveling away from home. Keep her safe and secure in Your arms of protection. Grant me traveling mercies while I am away so that I may return to her safely. I pray that her days will be free from stress and no problems will arise in my absence. Keep us both secure in our love and devotion for one another. Lead us away from all temptations that would cause us to stumble or fall in our marriage. While we are apart may our love for one another grow stronger. Bring us back together refreshed and more in love than before. ”

When They Are in the Hospital/Nursing Home

“Father God, You know that my wife is in the hospital/nursing home, and I had to leave her in someone else’s care. Please watch over her while we are apart. We have been together for so long and it is so hard to leave her. Give me the wisdom to make the best decisions on her behalf. Be with the doctors, nurses, and other staff as they look after her, and give them a gentle touch and a gentle spirit. Please, Father God, take care of my wife as the Great Physician. Meet her needs. Care for her body and her spirit. Speak into her heart and assure her that I have not abandoned her and that I still love her. Show me what to say and what to do so that she will feel my love for her. I place her lovingly in Your hands. Amen. ”

When You Are Emotionally/Physically Separated or Considering a Divorce

“Lord God, I am at a loss for words. My heart is breaking. My wife and I desperately need Your divine intervention to restore our marriage. Will you please help us to love one another again? Will you bring us back together? Please forgive me for the hurtful things I may have said or done, and please help me to forgive my wife for the wrong things that she has said or done to me. I need Your help in getting her back so that we can be together again like we vowed we would be on our wedding day. Help me to love her and help her to love me. Restore what we have broken. Fix our marriage. Show me what to do to make things right. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. ”

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