10 Short Prayers for Schools (Students & Teachers)

Education is important for every child and so are prayers. Meant to provide a positive attribute in children, prayers also give them a sense of calmness of knowing they can pray unto God concerning their lives and school. Here are some impactful prayers for students, teachers, and parents to pray for schools.

Prayers for Schools

Short Prayer for School

Just like learning, it is important for students to pray for their schools. This gives them a sense of belonging and appreciation too. Here are some short prayers for school.

“Dear God,

We come before you thanking you for this school. Thank you for looking after our school, and also looking after every child in this school.

We ask you to protect each and every child in the school and help us to learn, play and share with each other, so that we may grow academically, physically, and socially.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray and believe.



“Almighty God,

We give you our school asking you to guard us through this day in all we do and say. We pray our school may be a place of great discovery, creativity, and adventure.

We ask you to pour your blessings upon our school so that everyone grows in the knowledge of Your truth, wisdom, peace, and love.

Lord, please strengthen the school administration so as to be able to make the school run smoothly.

In Jesus, we pray,


Short Prayer for Students and Teachers in School

“Dear God,

We bring the students and teachers of this school into your presence. We ask for a good relationship between students and teachers.

Grant the teachers an abundance of Your wisdom to teach each and every student in this school. Let the students enjoy learning and give them the grace they need to thrive in their studies and other areas too.

We also ask you to protect the teachers and students while in the school compound and even while outside the school.

All this we ask in Jesus Christ our Lord.


Another short prayer for students and teachers in school is:

“Oh! God,

Bless every student and teacher in this school; protect them from the evil eyes of the enemies. Let them have a healthy and safe school year, and help the teachers to keep the lessons interesting and the students to be motivated to learn new things each day and be better students.

Let the school be a peaceful environment to learn, interact and grow for both the students and teachers.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray,


Morning Prayer for School

Morning prayers are important as they give the school a chance to invite God in their daily activities and request His protection and guidance (Psalms 16:1). One of the morning prayers includes:

“Dear God,
Thank you for this day and the chance to be at school this morning.
We pray that you keep up safe throughout the day, as we learn, play, and interact with others.
Please watch over the students, teachers, and other staff and help us to face today with courage as well as fully concentrate in class.
Give out teachers the strength to share all the knowledge they have acquired and be patient with us.
Protect us from any incidents or accidents as we run and play outside too. Please come and be part of everything we do today.

Prayer for Students in School

Sometimes parents or guardians are requested to pray for students. Here is one of the prayers to lift the students to our loving Heavenly Father.

“O Lord,

We bring all the students in this school before You.

We know that You take care of our children at all times.
In these uncertain times, we sometimes become anxious when the children are at school.

However, we want to hold onto Your word that tells us that instead of being anxious about anything, to pray and make our requests known to You. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Therefore, we bring the students before You. Take away any distractions and give them clear minds so they easily understand what they are taught by their teachers.

Continue protecting them and shielding them from any dangers they may face in school or when they leave school.

In Jesus’ mighty name we Pray and believe,


Prayer for School Management

As a parent you may feel like the school management at your child’s school is going off course. Though you may feel like speaking out, it is wise to pray for the school management as you seek God’s guidance on the way forward.

Here is a great prayer for your child’s school management

“Our God,
I thank you for the school management in my child’s life.
I pray that you give them a discerning heart to govern the school and to distinguish between right and wrong just like you did for King Solomon in 1 Kings 3:9.
Whatever challenges they are facing, may the administration make the best decisions for the teachers and students.
May they use the expertise and leadership skills they have acquired to improve the school when it comes to learning, behavior, and even school team spirit.
We pray and believe,
Prayers for Schools

Prayer for School Program

School programs are important and it is essential to place them in the hands of God.

Here is a great prayer for a school program

We come before you in humble prayer thanking you for each person present for the school program. We request you God to be in our midst as we share ideas, visions, and plans.
We commit the program to you just like the word says in Proverbs 16:3 that we should “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”
Bestow Your grace and divine wisdom on us as we embark on this school program, so it can become successful.
Bless each and every member participating in the program and keep our minds at peace and help us not to stray off course.
In Jesus’ Name, we pray and believe.

Prayer for Schools Reopening

Parents are happy when their children get to reopen the school. Prayers by parents, students, and even teachers are a great way to thank God for the school reopening.

Here is a Student’s prayer for school reopening 

“Lord God,

We come before you, thanking You for the chance to reopen the school.
We give You praise, O God for being with us during our school break. We request You be with the students, teachers, and other staff members as we start this new school term and help us to make the most of every day we are in school.

May we learn from our teachers and be able to live in harmony with our schoolmates, teachers and other staff too. Help us to listen when we should and keep quiet while necessary.

Open our eyes to new challenges as well as exciting opportunities before us. Let us also make new friends and also new teachers too.

Help us to be attentive to our teachers and inspire us to be better students, we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord.


A teacher’s prayer for school reopening

“Almighty God,

We thank you for another academic term; we bring all the teachers before you asking for Your sustaining and life-giving Spirit to pour out over us.

Restore our passion for sharing our learning wisdom with the students and help us be able to equip students with new skills. Let us be more patient with them remembering that every student is different and we need to understand their different personalities.

Give us the capability to do our jobs to the best of our abilities and help the students to be attentive to what we teach them. We pray for harmony between us and students throughout the new term and for your protection to be with us too.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray


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