6 Prayers For Relationship With Boyfriend

Every relationship hits the rock at one time or another. Many survive and many do not. Besides counselling or communication with one another. These powerful prayers for your boyfriend can help to sustain your relationship.

Prayers For Relationship With Boyfriend

Prayers are a reservoir of limitless potentials. They have the ability to bring healing to a broken heart, hold and revive the dying flames of a loving relationship, and so much more than you can imagine.

Love is a binding force in any long-lasting relationship. One of the greatest way you can prove that you love someone is to constantly lift them up to God in prayers. There are things you cannot do by yourself for your boyfriend but prayers can.

Here are powerful prayers that you can pray over him as God’s gift to you.

Prayer For Healing Relationship With Boyfriend

“Dear Heavenly Father, I give you the praise for my boyfriend. You have given him to me as a gift, and I do not take him for granted. Lord, although a lot has been going on between us that continues to drive us apart, Lord, I ask that you will intervene in our relationship.
Bring healing to us, Lord, and revive what is breaking. Help us to understand the true meaning of love and understanding. Teach us to be patient with each other, forgiving and understanding, and let our relationship come back better than it was, in Jesus name, Amen.”

Prayer For A Strong Relationship With Boyfriend

“Father, I give you glory for such a beautiful life you have given to me, blessing me with this beautiful soul of a boyfriend. Thank you for the love you have shown me through him. Thank you for the kindness of his heart and the compassion he exudes.
Lord, I pray that our relationship will continue to grow stronger and stronger. You will fill our hearts with love and understanding for each other. Father, help me to stay faithful and loyal to him, willing to support and submit to your goodwill through him as a helper. Let me not try to take your place in his life, but help me to push him closer to you. Let me not be carried away by the distractions that break relationships, but help me to continue to see the good in him, and him likewise. Thank you Father for the future you have designed for us together. I look forward to enjoying it with him to your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.”

Prayer For Broken Relationship With Boyfriend

“Dearest Father, I know that your thoughts for me are thoughts of God and not of evil. It is your desire to give me your good pleasure. Therefore, I come with a heart of gratitude and assurance before you this day.
Lord, I lift up my broken relationship with my boyfriend into your hands. Lord, my heart is heavy as I make this prayer. I don’t know whether to believe that this is how it should be or not, but I believe that no matter what happens, you hold me in your hands. Father, I ask that you will cleanse my heart of every negative feeling towards him. Help me forgive him in any way I feel offended, and help him to forgive me my offences. I admit that I wasn’t always perfect, and I take my share of the responsibility for whatever happened between us. Lord, all I am saying is, as we go through this break, if it is your will, heal and restore, and if not, help us to move on peacefully as we trust you to perfect your purpose in our lives. Help us to learn from our past and to paint a beautiful future with those things we learn, and to be the best partners to whomsoever you will bring into our lives, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

Prayer For Boyfriend To Stay Faithful

“Father, I thank you for being a Rock that I can always lean on to when the challenges of life overwhelm my heart. You have been so faithful even when I am not. Receive all my gratitude and worship today, Father.
Lord, I lift up my boyfriend into your hand. Lord, this is the person I have chosen to love and partner with at this stage of my life, as I trust you for what the future holds for both of us. Father, you are the perfect example of what a loyal and faithful friend is. Therefore Lord, as I commit to stay true and loyal to him, I ask that you will turn his heart towards me too. Take his eyes away from distractions, temptations, and diversions. Let him see and appreciate my worth every day. Help him to stay faithful to me no matter the options that may come his way. Let him hear your voice interrupting him on every turn whereby the enemy may want to make him unfaithful to me.
Lord, I believe that you are able to do this. Therefore, I trust you with it and rest in you, in Jesus name, Amen.”
Prayers For Relationship With Boyfriend

Long Distance Relationship Prayer For Relationship With Boyfriend

“Dear Lord God, I am at peace right now because you are my Father. No matter where I go, I know that the Monarch of the universe is my Heavenly Father. To you alone be my worship and praise, Lord Jehovah.
Father, your word has said that the earth is yours and the fullness therefore. There is no distance you cannot reach nor cover. There is no barrier you can’t cross, and no mountain you cannot level. Therefore, Lord, I commit my boyfriend into your hand. Although we are not together physically right now because of the differences in geographical locations, I know that you are watching over him where he is.
Father, I know that no matter the distance, you can sustain our relationship. So, I ask Lord, give us both the wisdom to know what we need to do to make this relationship work. Help us to set a good plan in place to strengthen our bond every day in a holy manner before you as we work towards being together. Lord, I pray against anything that will try to use our absence from each other to tie us apart. I command it to fail, in Jesus name, Amen.”

Prayer For Restoration Of A Broken Relationship With Boyfriend

“Dearest Heavenly Father, you are the one who is able to heal and to restore beauty. Only you have the power to give life to the dead, calling it back to life. I thank you for giving me access to you. I am grateful that I have you to turn to at this time. Thank you dear Lord.
Father, I ask that you will stretch forth your hand and restore my broken relationship with my boyfriend. Lord, I love him and I can’t deal with losing him in my life. I take my share of the responsibility over what happened between us. Please forgive me for the things I should have done that I didn’t do, and those I did that I shouldn’t have done. Lord, I pray the same for him. I pray that you will help us both to work on our relationship, to know what we need to do, and to have to humility and courage to face it head-on. Lord, give us the wisdom to understand the issues that need to be dealt with, and to deal with it wisely so that it doesn’t arise anymore. And lord, this time, let our relationship come back stronger, and better, leading unto a better future as we fulfill your purpose together in righteousness, in Jesus name, Amen.”

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