11 Prayers for America Today

Prayer is one of the most important actions to maintain a strong faith and relationship with God.

Prayers for America

When we pray, we speak to God about our most important hopes and thoughts. Praying is a way to ask, but also a means to thank for what we have already received in kind.

Whenever we are hopeful, fearful, thankful or grateful, prayer brings us closer to the Lord for what we need to say most.

We sometimes pray for ourselves, but we also pray for our friends, our families and others that we might not even know. Prayer is one way to say that we care.

Thessalonians says that we should always rejoice, pray and give thanks. It’s the will of God, not just to pray for things, but to rejoice.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” 1 Thessalonians 5:16

Jeremiah 29:12 also speaks about the importance of prayer. The faithful are guaranteed by the scriptures that when they pray, God is there to listen. It is important to pray for a personal relationship with God.

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12

All the disciples understood the importance of praying. In Luke 18, Jesus goes on to tell his disciples more about why they should pray and bring themselves closer to the Lord.

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and never give up” Luke 18:1

Even more about prayer and what it can do is mentioned in the book of Mark. It says here that what we ask for in prayer will be granted – and sometimes, this is not everything we ask (or the way we asked for it), but God always listens to our requests.

“Therefore I will tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

We all need prayer.

Prayer makes a difference, especially to the hearts and minds of people who undergo any struggle or strife in their life. Everyone could use someone who cares about them, and we all know something we would like to bring before the Lord.

Prayers for America

From the hopeless to the homeless, pray for everyone in America – and the world – today. Prayer shows that we care, and puts people in the front of our thoughts as well as brings their issues to God.

Prayer is not just good faith, but praying for something can be the first step to action that helps people and furthers charity.

Prayer allows for our minds to quiet down while we speak to the Lord, and sometimes a thought will strike just as we finish our prayer – sometimes, that is how the Lord let us know about his answer!

America could use a bit of faith right now, and our great country could also use a little help from the faithful all over the world.

Even though prayer is a good way to get our thoughts across, not everyone knows what to say. The Bible also tells us through several verses and important passages that it’s okay – it’s our intentions that matter the most when compose our prayers.

Join the faithful as we put our prayers together for America and a better, bright future for everyone who lives in it.

Would you like to pray for America as a person or group, but don’t always know what to say when you do it? From short prayers for America to prayers for peace in America, here’s some help for what to say when praying for the whole of the country.

Feel free to change any of these prayers if you are praying alone, as a group or have any thoughts you would like to add.     

“Dear Lord,

Please be with us as we pray for America.

We pray for the country’s strength, and for its leaders to act with kindness and wisdom in all of their decisions. We pray for our country’s hope and health, and for a better future in which all keep Your wisdom close to their hearts.

May the leaders of our country find the right wisdom through the help of the Lord.

May all of their next decisions be in line with the Lord’s vision for the world.

May the Lord cast His hand over all of who needs him most in this time.

In His name we ask this,

A Prayer for America’s Future

“Dear Lord,

Please be with us as we pray for the future of America from today onwards.

We pray for everyone in our great country to experience God’s love as we have felt it ourselves. We pray for strength and wellbeing throughout our country, and for God’s hand to be held over its people and nature.

May people realize God’s love in their every thought and action.

May our country be a better place in future.

May our country be a safe haven, where we can see evidence of God’s love everywhere.

We pray for this in His name,

Short Prayers for America

A Prayer for America’s Protection

“Dear God,

Please hear our prayer for America’s protection, freedom and future.

We ask that the Lord’s wisdom be there for the people of our country. We pray that our citizens are protected by their faith in the Lord. We pray that everyone who is tired and hungry or suffering and in need find the Lord’s knowledge to guide them through a difficult time.

We ask this in the Lord’s name,

We pray for America’s protection,

Prayer for America’s Betterment

“Dear God,

Please be with us as we pray for America’s betterment.

We ask the Lord to be with our country, through difficult times and individual futures.

We ask for wisdom and strength, and the right leadership that knows when to look to God for their decisions.

We pray that God and His wisdom is with everyone in our beautiful country.

In the Lord’s name,

Prayers for America Today

A Prayer for Daily Strength

“Dear Lord,

We pray for strength in Your name.

We ask that you bring your Word to everyone in our beautiful country. We ask that you give us the kindness and strength to proceed with our day, and to help others move on with theirs.

Give everyone who needs it their daily strength. Bring our country closer to the values in Your word.

We ask this in Your name,

Prayer for the Needy

“Dear God,

We pray that you bring your love to everyone in our country who needs You today.

Be with all of us through doubt and difficult times, and grant us the strength that we can only find through Your word.

We ask that everyone who intensely needs be given,

In God’s name,

Prayers for America

Intercessory Prayer for America

“Dear God,

We pray for the future and hope of our beautiful country.

May God and His wisdom be with us in difficult times, and with everyone who goes through difficulty in their lives.

May God grant food to the hungry, and health to the sick. May God be with everyone who is in need, and everyone who is in crisis.

May God help our country to be a better place with each new day.

May we have the strength and knowledge to live a kind future in God’s image.


Prayer for Peace in America

“Dear Lord,

Please join us all as we pray for peace in our great country America.

We pray that God’s love has an opportunity to shine over all things. We pray that our leaders act with the help of their wisdom and faith. We pray for solutions to hunger, to social problems and for God’s love to overcome all.

Let us never again become a nation at war with ourselves, or at war with others. Let us always be a country that lives in peace, and a country that looks to God’s wisdom.

Cast your protection over our great America, dear Lord.

May everyone in our country come to feel the love of our Lord.

Be with us always as we pray.


Prayer for US Government

“Dear Lord,

Please join us now as the armies of the faithful come together to pray for the US Government.

May the leaders of our country make their next decisions out of love for the Lord. May the Lord guide them in their every step, so that our leaders do not walk the path of leadership alone but with the faith of God.

May God keep His hand over everyone in the US Government at this time, now and always. May God be with them and their families in their time of need. May God bring peace to the restless, and faith to the tired, and food to the hungry.

May evidence of God’s love and beauty be seen in every level of state, and every office in the country. Please live in the hearts and minds of the faithful as You have promised us in Your word.

Let wisdom in God and kindness in the Lord become the foundations of our great country.

In God’s name we pray.


Prayer for Our Nation During COVID

“Dear Lord,

Please hear the voices of Your faithful as we come together to pray for our nation during the COVID pandemic.

We ask that the Lord guide and protect each and every one of us. Be with our leaders, Lord, and walk with each one of the people in our country so that we might make it through in God’s unfailing love.

Please be with the people of our country and their family members.

Please bring Your word to those who are tired, those who are hungry, or those who have been infected or affected by COVID.

Let us find comfort and salvation in the word, and let us always be safe in the eyes of the Lord.

In His name we pray,

Catholic Prayer for Our Nation

“Dear Lord,

Be with us as we come together in Your name to rejoice and to pray for our nation.

We pray that Christ’s love shine over all of our nation, today and forever. We pray that our nation be shown the value of Christ, and the love that comes with a life lived in fulfilment of the Lord.

We pray that You guide our nation and everyone within it.

We ask that Christ’s love make our nation a better place, for a better future.

We ask this in Christ’s name,


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